Kenzie Spa & Nails One-North

  • Attentive Service and Cosy Environment
  • Massage
    • Head & Shoulder Massage
    • Foot Reflexology
    • Shiatsu Massage (Finger & Palm Pressure)
    • Swedish Massage (Sliding, Tapping, Kneading,..)
  • Waxing - Hair Removal for facial, body, bikini, arms and legs
    • Strip waxing (soft wax)
    • Stripless waxing (hard wax)
  • Manicure & Nail Art
    • OPI Nail Polish
    • Shellac Nails
    • Gel Nail Art

To be the best Spa & Nail salon in Singapore One-North area.

CND Shellac


Application in half the time, removal in just 5 minutes! This is no fairytale; this is CND® SHELLAC® brand 14+ day nail color.

We have imported the latest 2017 CND® LED LAMP. The only iamp designed to completely and evenly cure CND® SHELLAC® brand 14+ day nail color and BRISA® Gel

  • Cures all 5 fingers (or toes) in half the time (as compared to CND® UV Lamp)
  • Uses optic mirrors to target UV exposure to the nail area only
  • Patent-pending design with pre-set timers for each service step
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design with guides for proper hand/foot placement
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Head and Shoulder Massage

Have you ever had the burning ache in your neck and shoulders as you were working on your computer and yearn for someone to give you a nice, strong massage to ease the strain? Why wait? Call/Whatsapp us Now at +65 90061266.

Express (30 mins) shoulder and neck massage enables you to take a little break from your work. Our therapist will first use kneading motions to improve circulation in the fatigued muscles, helping the muscles to relax. Follow by Shiatsu - finger pressure on the pressure point to reduce tension and anxiety, promoting a sense of relaxation. Finally help the are to do some stretching to complete the massage

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Manicure & Nail Art

Meticulous Care for Your Nails with OPI, Shellac Nails, Gel Nail Art

Premier nail care manicure and pedicure services in Singapore.

Gel Nail Art is as much an art as it is a skill. Our nail artists are trained manicurists and pedicurists to delight our customers and earn their smile.

Kenzie Spa & Nails highly recommend our clients to use CND Shellac Nails. 14 days high performance and ease of removal without the need to do filing on your nails.  Highly popular in the US and Europe but Asians are still slow in adopting CND Shellac products.

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